When I will talk about you

Looking for the usual bad to bad with spicy scenes and good looks on the front cover? This is not the book for you.

Here you will find Love told, lived, felt. A Love that scratches, that leaves marks, that forgives but does not forget. You will find a man, a father, a son who suffers, who falls and gets up again. You will find so much to cry, laugh and reflect on. This is not a book for fearful hearts or weak stomachs. This is a book for those who can empathize and bear the burden. A book with a particular history, a gestation period of almost 8 years, with a first edition published in 2013, now revised, corrected, expanded.

This is just the beginning of a journey into the story of Matthew, Martin, George and all their vast, varied, incredible family universe. Follow Matthew on this journey through himself and his weaknesses, to reach his own conclusion: Love is the only thing worth living and fighting for.